Missing or damaged baggage, missing item

Declare missing baggage

We offer 2 options to declare missing baggage, depending on your arrival airport: online within 48 hours after arrival or at the AIR FRANCE KLM baggage office before leaving the airport.

Declare a missing bag online

You can declare a missing bag by filling out the form below, or via the Air France app within 48 hours of your flight's arrival. To do so, please locate your baggage receipt. Where can you find my baggage receipt? - If you checked in at the airport, your receipt was given to you by one of our agents at the drop-off area. - If you printed out your baggage tags and boarding pass at home, your receipt number will be located on the Baggage Receipt page and on the confirmation email that was sent to you. Add the receipt number to the online form. You will receive a claim number once you have submitted your request. Keep your claim number close to track the status of your request. Please note that certain airports do not allow you to declare a missing bag online.

Declare a missing bag at the airport

If you have not yet left your arrival airport, please go to the AIR FRANCE KLM* baggage office. Before you leave the aiport, make sure to fill out a document called a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). You will receive a claim number after you have submitted your request. Keep your claim number close to the track the status of your baggage search. * Or a representative.

Track your request

You can track your missing baggage claim in real time using our online baggage tracker. To do so, please use the claim number that was given to you when you submitted your online form, or by one of our agents at the airport.

Claims on necessity purchases

You have incurred basic expenses (e.g. purchase of hygiene products or clothing) due to the absence of your baggage? You can submit your reimbursement request within 21 days from the day you receive your baggage. Please fill out the reimbursement form online. Make sure to keep all your receipts, as you may be asked to submit them.

What to do if your baggage has not been found?

If your baggage has not been found within 72 hours of your request, please sign in and fill out the inventory and request forms using the online baggage tracker tool. Please include as much detail possible regarding the contents of your missing baggage, including the value of each clothing item, pair of shoes, object, etc. The more detail you provide, the better we will be able to locate and identify your baggage.

Submit a claim

If your baggage has not been found within 21 days of your request, the items you have inventoried will serve as the basis of your compensation.* Your compensation amount can be up to €1,607 (maximum amount set by the Montraeal Convention) upon presentation of receipts (invoices, proof of purchase). Please note : you can delcare the value of your items if it exceeds the maximum compensation amount (€1,607*) when you check in your baggage. You will need to pay an additional fee to increase the predicted compensation amount. *Compensation is expressed in Special Drawing Rights (SDR), the unit used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF): 1,288 DTS correspond approximately to €1,607. This amount is subject to currency fluctuations.

Lost and found

Have you lost or found a personal item in an Air France aircraft or lounge?

Contact us

Do you need additional help after submitting your missing baggage request? Contact the baggage office at your arrival airport or customer service in your country of residence.